Thursday, October 28, 2010

too much

I have too much to say and too little, all at the same time. First, let me say that I just found out another blogger in the IF community has a blog with my same title (Wishing on a Star), so I'm going to change mine out of respect. I don't really see myself as being in the IF community at the moment, though one could argue that once a member, always a member. But she was there first, so for the moment I'm changing mine to Wish on a Star (dropping the ing). It still works for me, I think, because I chose the titled to honor W (wish) and the image of a star, which has long been an image that I associate with loved ones.

Maybe I'll come up with a better title later.

I have posts in my head about weaning (still working on it and still ambivalent), the surgical repair I just had to have due to 2nd degree tears after birth (holy hell!), being an academic and a mother (how they go together, or don't), how W's nursery is finally finished (though he's 10 months old), the impeding births for two of my favorite bloggers (both due any day now)...and that's just a start.So I'll get to work. I'll post again soon.

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