Sunday, October 3, 2010


W can now climb the stairs in our house, which are one flight of stairs broken into two bits with a landing between. Somehow it feels significant--he's in front of me, climbing away. Away. Mostly, it's exciting, and then it's also scary. (What if he falls down? What if this is the beginning of his very mobile stage? How will we catch up on babyproofing...we're already so far behind, and he's really only a fast crawler?).

Right now, though, he's in his crib crying, ready for a nap but not quite there. We're not exactly CIO people, so he won't cry for long. But it's the kind of crying that sounds to me like settling, not like distress. More ambivalence. Maybe that's what I should have called this blog--Ambivalent Mommy.

Am feeling so not profound this morning. Instead, I'm feeling like everything is moving slowly. And yet too quickly at the same time. It's a gorgeous fall day, though, so after the nap is finished, we're headed out. Out to see leaves. Out to enjoy a fall festival at a local arboretum (fresh apple cider!). And out to enjoy a day before the work week starts up again.

W is still crying. He's standing in his crib. I'm going to go do some soothing and calming. Hopefully I'll have something more important to say later?

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