Saturday, September 4, 2010


I made my first cubes of frozen baby food today. Very exciting. I'm not very homemaker-y. In fact, I probably have fewer skills than most. But I've been trying to feed him real food now that he's eating more than purees. I use a sweet little hand grinder that minces soft foods nicely.

Sadly, those cubes of zucchini were the bright spot in an otherwise challenging day of parenting. I think W's upper two teeth are coming in (he has two little sharp shark-like teeth on the bottom and he likes to bite). If he's not really teething, though, then he's just cranky for no reason, which sucks. I feel like I spent my whole day today wrangling him. He would not sit still, would not be put down, would not play on his own. And yet when I held him, which was (I repeat) all day, he was squirmy and whiny and kind of mean. He kept hitting me, which I knew wasn't really aggression against me (he's 9 months old), but which hurt nonetheless. Patience was the word of the day.

So I'm taking comfort in those zucchini cubes. At least today included fresh foods and a bit of planning ahead. Here's hoping that tomorrow is better.

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