Thursday, March 1, 2012

update on W talking at school

This is a follow-up to my last post.

After we got home from the strange discovery that W is not speaking much at daycare, we had a brief talk about it at the dinner table. I told W that it's totally fine if he chooses not to talk at daycare (or anywhere, for that matter). I said that I respected him and want him to take his time doing new things if he so chooses. But I also said that it might be nice to talk at daycare a little bit more than he does now. He might enjoy participating in circle time or story time. W didn't really respond. I didn't expect him to. But I figured it couldn't hurt to briefly address the situation with him.

Well, when I picked him up yesterday, the teacher said, "W has been talking all day! He shouted out animals and colors during story time with the other kids!" and the note on his daily report said that he was chatty and seemed to have fun all day.

Is it possible that my toddler understood our dinner conversation and changed his behavior as a result? Fascinating!


  1. Wonderful! I would say that it's likely.


  2. It may go to show that toddlers are, in fact, listening to us when we speak, and that they understand far more than we might assume they do. Amazing.

  3. Really really amazing. another reason I love toddlers. temper tantrums and all.

  4. I think that toddlers are a lot more reasonable than we give them credit for, especially when they are treated like little people. SO much processing happens in those little brains. Just because they can't communicate doesn't mean they don't think (at least, this is the realization I'm coming to with N. these days)! I love the fact that you had a conversation about it at the dinner table!