Thursday, March 10, 2011

spring break?

I am technically on spring break this week, but I'm not really enjoying it the way I expected I would. I envisioned lots of naps, maybe a matinee or two (my husband is working and W is in daycare three days/week, so I had free time in mind). But instead, I'm completely buried in student papers. I somehow thought that I could dash through them on Monday and early Tuesday, leaving myself tons of free time. But that didn't happen. So here it is Thursday and I'm sad to say that the pile is almost as big as it was when this so-called break began. Today, I'm trying to catch up.


In other news, W has been moved up from the Babies to the Toddlers room at day care, and I must say, it was a little shocking! Yes, he's 15 months, but usually they don't move until they can feed themselves and are closer to 18 months. But they feel that he's socially, emotionally, and physically read enough, and that he'll enjoy being with the rest of the toddlers (someone will still help feed him at lunch time). Is my baby growing up? Yikes. It's very strange to imagine him going through the activities that the rest of the kids go through, because at our day care, the babies are on their own schedule while the "big kids" have activities they attend, like exercise time, or circle story time. Apparently, W sat happily in the circle the other day, and he was even able to march around with the other kids in a line. I had no idea he was ready for structure of this kind.

I still think of him as a baby, even though he's exhibiting some toddler traits (for example, he throws minor tantrums when he can't do something--like use a spoon--or when I take away something he thinks is a toy--like a magic marker that he found on a table the other day). I guess this is part of motherhood, too, the letting go and trying to enjoy the new phases and steps in his life. Am I ready for this?

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