Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome ICLWers!

I've never participated in ICLW before and am ridiculously excited to flex my commenting and reading muscles. I'm a relatively new blogger, so there isn't that much to read here yet. But I really appreciate the visit and will be posting more this week so that there is something a bit more exciting to read here than this.

Happy ICLW!


  1. Stopping in to say Hi for ICLW. Looking forward to reading more! Good Luck with TTC#2.

  2. Happy ICLW! Glad you're participating this month!

    (ICLW #168)

  3. Hey there, thanks for stopping by and commenting! So nice to meet you :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I am really loving ICLW so far, and am so grateful for this online community. It's great to meet all of you!

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Rachael! It is wonderful to meet you, and I'll be following along now with your story.

    ICLW is awesomely amazing for the opportunity it gives to find so many fantastic blogs. It can be a challenge to keep up sometimes. I was trying for Iron Commentor this month, but I ended up only getting about half-way through the list. Maybe next month!