Sunday, January 2, 2011

Consolidating naps?

I think he's ready to go from two naps to one! I tried to put him down at 9:30 for his usual first nap, and it was a complete no go. He was standing, crying, and really annoyed to be in his crib. But he just went down at 11:00 for a nap very smoothly. We'll see. Seems like an important milestone somehow, even though it's probably less exciting for me (I'll miss having two uninterrupted periods of time during the day to shower or get some other chore completed!).

On another note, W seems to be teething again. Drool everywhere. Hands in his mouth. I thought we were back in reflux world (we just stopped his pre.vacid two weeks ago), but now I think I'm wrong and it's just teething. Someone I saw over the weekend seemed to think I was silly to expect it was over--teething goes on and on, doesn't it?

Parenting a one-year old is really just an elaborate guessing game. Do you want yogurt today or cheese? Are you tired or do you have an ear infection again? Do you want this toy or that one? It's kind of exhausting me these days. Perhaps I'll get better at guessing the right thing soon. Sigh. I'd really like a nap of my own.

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  1. I'm so not ready for the one nap a day routine! LOL I think we're getting close, though, too.

    I hope the teething eases a little. It may not stop for a long while, but there are definitely some breaks in between that help. We're currently working on all four molars, so I understand. And, yes, I stand by the comment that "we're" doing's hard on Momma, too.