Monday, March 11, 2013

hooray for spring break!

l love spring break. It's one of the perks of an academic career. Today is the official first day of break and I have an entire week stretching out in front of me in which to relax.


I have a list a mile long of little tasks to do, including taxes (we're going to do them ourselves after using a tax professional last year--it seemed to not save us any money and we think we'll go it alone again for a couple of years until things get complicated again). Other tasks on my list:
- organize our paperwork, which is currently shoved into drawers in no particular order (pathetic)
- set up wills (we don't have them, which is ridiculous and will be remedied asap!)
- set up dentist appt for W (three years old, never been to see a dentist yet!)
- set up routine mammogram for me (side note: little lumps are gone. phew!)
- get back into gym routine
- organize books, which are randomly shelved in our den and in painfully ugly order
- go through kids' clothes and start figuring out spring wardrobes (what do I have that is hand-me-down? What do I need to fill in on my own?)
- grade papers from last week
- develop at least one new recipe that we can use in our regular dinner routine
- catch up on email correspondence with friends
- write a thank you note to outgoing day care director who left a few weeks ago (need to express how grateful I am that she was so trustworthy and reliable over the last three years)
- return earrings that my husband bought for me for Valentine's Day (cute, but not quite my style and too expensive to keep and never wear)
- visit friend who had new baby two weeks ago to bring food, do her dishes, clean her bathrooms,do whatever other tasks she'll let me do, and most importantly, meet her long-awaited last-chance IVF baby girl (I'm over the moon for her!).

So see? Spring break will soon be over and I'll hopefully have gotten some stuff done. I'm also hoping to do some blogging, too! I have lots of drafts going, but I have to finish and finally hit "post." 


  1. My word, you've planned a lot! Do you have the kids home with you or are you on your own? Please tell me you will ALSO take some time to just relax? Maybe one thing per day (and drop anything that doesn't fit into that) just to feel virtuous and then reading/writing/shopping/whatever-it-is you never have enough time for? You deserve it! (we all deserve it, but you've actually got it--take it!)

  2. Perfect comment, because I took most of today "off" after all and thoroughly enjoyed it. But I'm about to dive into taxes now. Wish me luck. Seriously...I am no financial genius and hope to just get through the tax process without making any major errors. Ugh.