Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grief for blogging friends

I have wanted to write for a while now about two of the bravest bloggers in the IF community: Mo and Will. I am so grateful for their writing (especially Mo, as Will doesn't write very often--it's her voice that I've gotten to know as a longtime reader). They've recently gone through another devastating loss and I weep for them, even though, as is so often the case, I've never met them in real life and probably never will. They have been through so much and I was so hoping, along with all of their devoted readers, that this last cycle was it. Recurrent miscarriage is an absolute nightmare.

I know they are loved far and wide, but in writing this post, I wish them much peace and love in the weeks to come. Their grief is theirs, but I'm grieving alongside, and I know that grief is so cyclical, so ongoing. I wish I could do more. It's all so unfair.

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